1.1 What is BreakoutPvP?

BreakoutPvP is a peer to peer platform which allows you to participate directly in PC based video game contests which may or may not involve a fixed wager.

1.2 Why should I join BreakoutPvP?

BreakoutPvP is designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to participate in video game contests whenever you like against people of similar ability!

We make this process easy by posting all the contests for you to compete in. Your only requirement is to choose which you want to play in and then decide if you're happy to play against the other gamers who have also selected that contest.

1.3 What games will be available on BreakoutPvP?

BreakoutPvP will be rapidly expanding the number of games available on the site. Alongside CS:GO, BreakoutPvP will soon host Dota2, Minecraft and LoL. Many more games are in the pipeline so stay tuned!

1.4 How are results collected and verified?

BreakoutPvP operates its own gaming infrasrtructure which ensures that we're able to analyse all aspects of player performance in real time. Consequently we're able to collect statistics and match result information directly after you've finished playing meaning that our system can detect which position you have finished in come the end of your match! 

No need to ever worry about manually submitting your scores post-game - we've got everything covered so that you can focus on playing!

1.5 What types of contest does BreakoutPvP offer?

The BreakoutPvP lobby will always have a variety of different challenges available for you to enter. These will vary based on game, game format, number of players required and the inclusion of a fixed wagered amount.

1.6 How do I create an account at BreakoutPvP?

Registering an account with BreakoutPvP is quick and easy. Simply visit the homepage and click the 'Login / Register' button and follow the instructions carefully.

In order to permit access to the contests presented on the BreakoutPvP lobby all users are required to provide their STEAM COMMUNITY URL so that we can verify every player entering a game before the action begins!

Follow the steps below in order to obtain the URL we need:

1. Your STEAM COMMUNITY URL can be obtained by logging in with your Steam profile at: https://steamcommunity.com

2. Once logged in, click your username top right of the page and then click "View Profile'.

3. Copy the entire URL from your browser and paste it in "Steam URL" box on the registration page. Without this information you will not be able to play at BreakoutPvP.

4. The URL you copy from your browser could be in one of two formats depending on if you have completed your online Steam profile or not, we include EXAMPLE FORMATS below:

 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/12345678912345678/ (Don't include an 's' after http but DO include the final slash). 


http://steamcommunity.com/id/YOURUSERNAME/ (Don't include an 's" after http but DO include the final slash)



1.7 How do I reset my BreakoutPvP password?

Click on the 'Login / Register' button on the BreakoutPvP homepage and select 'Forgotten Password?'.

You'll then be asked to enter the email address which you originally used to register with at BreakoutPvP and we will then email you with the reset password instructions. 

1.8 Why does BreakoutPvP charge an admin fee for some contests listed on the lobby?

In order to cover the costs associated with running and continually developing the site, BreakoutPvP charges fixed administration fees based on the size of the cash prize associated with each contest.

BreakoutPvP does not link administration fees to a fixed percentage of the total prize pool for contests listed on the site.


2.1 Is BreakoutPvP legal in the United States? 

BreakoutPvP is a peer to peer platform which is concerned solely with skilled gaming. The purpose of the site is to allow you to wager on the outcome of video game contests in which you are competing against another person at the same time.

Video gaming is a skill based activity so the outcome of any contest - and therefore the resultant distribution of any potential fixed wagered amount -  will be determined by the relative skill of each participant competing in a contest.

Games of skill involving the allocation of cash prizes are not deemed as gambling in the United States because the generally accepted definition of gambling involves three things: (1) the award of a prize, (2) paid-in consideration (entrants pay to compete) and (3) an outcome determined on the basis of chance. With the absence of any one of the above described elements, a cash contest is not considered to be gambling.

In evaluating whether or not an activity is a game of chance, mixed skill and chance or a game of skill, statutory and case law in the United States often defaults to what is known as the 'Dominant Factor Test'. This test looks at whether chance is the predominant element in the subject of the game, and if so, results in finding that such an activity would be ''gambling”. The second step down from the Dominant Factor Test is the 'Material Element Test', which, as named, looks to whether chance is a material element in an activity. Finally, some states utilise what can be called the 'Any Chance Test' where if there is any possible element of chance which may determine or decide the outcome of a game, then such a game is considered gambling. 

Based on the information above BreakoutPvP deploys IP blocking technology and other KYC checks in order to prevent access to this website from states where this service is not eligible for deployment. 

2.2 What is the legal status of BreakoutPvP in other parts of the world?

BreakoutPvP is concerned with skilled gaming and provides its users with a chance to securely wager on the outcome of video game challenges which they (the users) are actually participating in.

Users are wagering on the outcome of the video game challenges that they are actually participating in directly. In simple terms those using BreakoutPvP do not rely on the element of chance in order to win and instead rely on their skills in terms of determining a winning or losing outcome.

With the above in mind, BreakoutPvP falls outside the scope of gambling regulations in many jurisdictions across the globe including the vast majority of Europe and Asia.

BreakoutPvP uses sophisticated IP blocking technology in order to prevent people accessing the site from regions of the globe where playing skilled games for cash prizes is not deemed compliant with relevant local law. 

BreakoutPvP reserves the right to ask any member of its user-base to verify their identify before processing any withdrawal request. If such an event arises, a BreakoutPvP member will be asked to provide evidence as to their home location. 


3.1 How do I deposit funds into my BreakoutPvP account?

Once you have registered for an account with BreakoutPvP and logged into the site, you will see a Deposit now button at the top of every page. 

Clicking on this button will take you through the process of uploading money to your account and you will be asked to specify exactly how much you wish to deposit and through which payment method you wish the funds to be uploaded.

3.2 How do I direct deposit BRK into my account?

The contests on BreakoutPVP are denominated in BRK, the symbol denoting the cryptocurrency Breakout Coin.  Members that have BRK already, or that use an exchange like Bittrex.com to purchase BRK, will follow these easy steps for deposit;

1. Visit brk.breakoutpvp.com

2. Deposit the desired amount of BRK and indicate the email address you have used (or will use) to create your player account at BreakoutPvP.com

3. Once confirmations have been received, your account will be credited with the BRK balance and you are ready to play!

3.3 Are there any additional deposit options?

BreakoutPvP strives to provide its members with the ability to deposit by credit or debit card regardless of player location. Working alongside our financial partners, the BreakoutPvP team goes to every effort to ensure deposit success rates are as high as possible. With that in mind, we're pleased to announce that we are also able to offer customers in the Asian region the ability to deposit by bank transfer via China Union Pay. 

Due to international banking conditions and stringent processing rules, there are certain jurisdictions in which attempted deposits to BreakoutPvP may be declined. However, BreakoutPvP continues to work to provide its customers with additional payment options, the details of which will be published on the site as and when appropriate.

3.4 How do i withdraw funds from my BreakoutPvP account?

To withdraw funds in BRK, simply email [email protected] with the amount of BRK that you wish to withdraw, and your unique breakout address and we’ll take care of it!

For other withdrawal methods, once you have logged into your account on BreakoutPvP, click on your username in the top right hand corner of the page. From the dropdown menu which then appears, select Manage Your Account Balance. 

Clicking on this section will take you through the process of withdrawing money from your BreakoutPvP account and you will be asked to specify exactly how much money you wish to withdraw and through which payment method you wish the withdrawal to be made.


4.1 How do I use the BreakoutPvP lobby?

After you’ve registered with BreakoutPvP you can select to participate in any contest listed on the lobby. You can filter the lobby by using the available search fields so that you can quickly find challenges of your preference. In order to enter a contest, you simply need to click the 'Enter button' posted next to the contest you like.

Upon clicking 'Enter' you will see a page which provides details of everyone else who has entered that contest. You will be able to browse around the rest of the site and enter into other contest at your liberty, but when a particular contest you have entered reaches capacity, a page will automatically appear (you'll also hear a very distinct noise) on your screen which provides final details of your opposition.

All players will then be presented with a link which is to be CLICKED ONCE. Once this link is clicked you will be directly taken into your game and the match will begin after the allioted warmup clock ticks down to zero.

4.2 Are players matched against eachother based on skill level?

BreakoutPvP deploys a number of internal features in order to ensure that every player is able to compete in quality gaming contests against opposition of similiar ability.

BreakoutPvP will shortly be introducing a new feature which will password protect certain lobby challenges so that only those who meet certain key criteria can play in contests (e.g win rate, number of wins, amount of funds desposited etc).

As and when new features are deployed details will be published on this page!

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